What We Were Talking About in June


I normally write about things that interest me — but that doesn’t always translate into things that interest other people. But thanks to the wonderful world wide web and its dazzling array of analytics, it’s easier for me to take the guess work out of what really engage or resonates with readers versus what I think.

So this post is about you, the reader. I can tell you what I thought might be a well-read post, but I’ve got hard proof on what you liked reading about the most. So, here is a recap of June’s three most popular posts:

3. Former Northwestern standout and Arizona Cardinals fullback Jason Wright weighed in on the fall of Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel in his post: “Why Christians Ignore Unethical Behavior in College Football“. It was wildly popular. I might also add that it was posted here about a week before The Gospel Coalition re-posted it. So, while you might think that site has some cutting edge content, smart readers of this blog know where they can get this content first. (By the way, if you want to follow Jason Wright on twitter, find him @whoisjwright)

2. “The Sin of Singleness?” post generated quite a bit of discussion through various social media avenues after I wrote on this following a broadcast of Al Mohler’s perspective that lacked serious biblical merit. It was fun giving a shout out to my single peeps, too.

1. The top post of June went to my Q & A with author Gary Thomas on his new book “Thirsting for God“. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that Gary Thomas rocks at he tweeted out a link to the interview through Twitter (follow him @garylthomas) … that and he’s just all kinds of awesomeness — and everybody should buy and read his books.

Thanks again for visiting this blog and I hope to see you back here soon for another great month in July!


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