Can Christians Make Good Movies?


I recently stirred up an interesting topic for discussion through social media when I shared that I wasn’t interested in going to see another substandard Christian film just to “send Hollywood a message.”

The reason for my boycott? It’s the same reason why I would never join the Occupy Wall Street protests — I wasn’t sure what message we’re sending.

Was it that people will dole out money to see a poorly acted, low budget film? Was it that people will go see films with the Gospel message in them and you should put the Gospel in your films, too? Or was it that you need to make more films like these?

In the end, I couldn’t get on board with any of those ideas if that truly was the message we were supposed to send Hollywood. Instead, I said I would rather support Christians who are making amazing films with great stories and production value. Whether it’s produced in a Hollywood studio or your parents’ basement makes no difference to me if it’s well told story.

So, we turn to hear what an up-and-coming Christian filmmaker, Brandon Freeman, has to say about Christians in filmmaking. He is working on a new project called The Mark of the Veil, which you can learn about here (and support, yes, support).

So enjoy part 1 of our conversation …

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