Joshua Graham is Golden


One of the things I’ve learned about professional writers is that we are an insecure, precarious lot. We’re prone to compare ourselves to others — whether it be writing styles or sales success — and it’s challenging to just write and let write. So, it’s refreshing when you interact with a writer who seems comfortable not only with who they are as a person but also who they are as a writer. They have a story to tell and could care less if the audience is one or one million.

Joshua Graham is one of those writers — and a bestselling author at that. I like to keep my interviews short on here because we have short attention spans on the Internet (are you even still reading?), but I just had to post the full interview in its raw state — there’s even a technical glitch that I left in near the end. It was just too good to slice up.

If you’re an aspiring writer — or a writer who aspires to be successful — you’ll want to pay close attention to what Joshua had to say on certain topics, particularly about crafting a message. He speaks specifically to incorporating elements of faith into his novels (like his latest one, Darkroom, from Howard Books) but not so much that they are blatantly placed in the Christian fiction category. There are writers who have something to say in that genre and then there are other writers like Joshua who introduce elements of faith to make you think, even in the midst of a thrilling story. His thoughts on this were intriguing.

So, check this interview out and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


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